Second edition of I CHOOSE LOVE available November 30

By A.G.Billig
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Nov 22nd, 2016


As a celebration of her name day and one year since she wrote the first words of this book, I Choose Love: A Journey From Fear To LoveĀ will be available in all major online book retail stores as from November 30. This is more than just another book on relationships or book on love.

The book features a new cover and two new chapters on how to boost self-confidence and master sexual power, both important aspects of love.

This work will empower you to achieve your love-dream, overcome your fears, and experience true love and freedom. I need to warn you; my book will transform you. So, welcome on your journey to a new life, built on love. The journey will not be easy, but I promise it will be rewarding. It will empower you, help you to achieve your love-dream, overcome your fears, experience true love and freedom.

Be ready to question what you’ve been taught and experience a different approach to life in the first part of the book. Roll up your sleeves and make the life you want with the six techniques presented in part two.

Let me tell you one more thing.

There are no dramas, just life events. There are no victims, just people with life and destiny. You cannot choose the moment of your birth or death, but you can choose what you do in between. Therefore everything you do, do it with love.

“I Choose Love: A Journey From Fear To Love” is a perfect holiday gift for your and those of your friends who wish to experience true love but don’t know how to get it.

First hint: To get true love, be love.

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