Oct 20th, 2017




You need to attend this Book Marketing 101 Master Workshop because your role as an author is no longer confined to “simply” writing the book. Whether you are a traditional or self-published author, the industry today and for the foreseeable future requires that you market your books as well as yourself to the readers and buying public. Even if you are experienced in this role, the process of marketing from building a platform to building an audience can be a daunting task.

Now you can learn the elements of marketing your books and yourself and turn knowledge into a powerful skill with incredible potential to help you achieve success as an author. This workshop can teach you:

  • How to find readers and grow an audience quickly in a rapidly evolving book market.
  • How to ensure that your writing efforts are not wasted
  • How to increase the income from your writing
  • How to apply this information right away!

Book marketing can be an enjoyable way to reach your readers, authors, and other professionals in the industry.

In this one-day workshop, you will learn:

1. How to Build Your Platform as an Author

  • The ingredients of a power author brand and why you need one
  • The key elements of your author platform
  • Putting all the elements together

2.  How to Develop the Right Package, Price, Place

  • How to choose the right price for your book according to genre
  • Cover design and interior formatting essentials
  • The main distribution channels and how to put them at work for you
  • How to get your book into bookstores

3. How to Promote

  • Traditional media is not dead. Learn how to build your PR campaign
  • Paid advertising
  • Free promotion tools

4. How to Use Social Media Effectively

  • The essentials of your social media presence
  • How to make the most out your social media presence with only 10 minutes a day
  • How to use social media for global reach

5. How to Create a Successful Book Launch

  • The ingredients of a successful book launch campaign
  • How to create a successful book launch event
  • How to get book reviews

This workshop is available upon request for private groups. To request one, please use this contact form.

For upcoming workshop dates, please check the events section of this website.