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Jun 20th, 2018

Have you been struggling to create your dream life? Do you think your dreams are too big or not possible and you don’t know how to overcome your fears, blocks and limiting beliefs to make your dreams come true?

Have you wanted to start or you have just started your business, but struggle to get it going? You are not sure what else you can do to make your biz grow and you feel overwhelmed and stressed by all the information out there.

Do you want to make your life and biz easier, simpler, working smarter, not harder and you are looking for ways to stay in the flow, motivated and excited about your life and business?

My friend and colleague, Alenka Tercic have created an amazing event, where you can receive inspiration, motivation, encouragement and also tools and strategies you can use right away to start CREATING YOUR DREAM LIFE now.

Alenka has brought together 36 speakers from different areas and backgrounds, each bringing you their best tips and advice.

This is an event like no other. Because it’s LIVE in the Facebook group, you get access to speakers and other attendees, you can ask questions and engage in the discussion after each session, which will give you clarity and empower you to go after your dreams.

If you want to create your own blueprint for your journey, get specific steps and tools you can use to make it happen, feel motivated and excited about your future and make new friends that will cheer you up, then go ahead and click here.

You will walk away from this FREE live online event with the secrets, tools and strategies on how to:

  • unlock your dreams and create your vision
  • uncover your purpose and your heart’s desire
  • embrace your inner rebel and give yourself permission to dream big
  • silence your inner critic
  • build your business doing what you love
  • create your brand and market yourself
  • attract the soulmate clients with offers that rock
  • doing business while working 9-5 and or even leave 9-5
  • create your daily rituals and habits for abundance
  • design your dream space
  • stay healthy and fit
  • and so much more….

Build a business doing what you love

Alenka has asked me to speak at this FREE event, and I am so thrilled and excited to share the virtual stage with so many amazing women, and share with you the steps you need to take to build a successful biz by doing what you love.

On Saturday, June 23rd at 10 am GMT/5 am EST, I will talk about how you can GROW AMAZING YOU, inc. I’ll be sharing from my experience of leveraging my passion for journalism, storytelling, writing, and helping other people to create Self-Publishing Mastery, a platform where authors can find all the resources they need for successful self-publishing, a global meeting point for authors and self-publishing professionals. 

I look forward to seeing you at the even

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