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Jul 13th, 2017

I Chose Love, Amazon the book that can help you find true love, experience the romantic relationshop that would make Romeo and Juliet jealous, love and value yourself, live an happy life, and stop living in fear is now available in paperback format on , CreateSpace and other online and offline book retailers.

The book has been an Amazon bestseller in three different categories and enjoyed by readers around the world:

For experienced spiritual seekers, this book is full of reminders that we are powerful beings. For new seekers, this book offers a great guide that encompasses all areas of life. Daniel Sanchez

This book is written in the most lovely way! A refreshing read. The author is sincere about how doing the inner work can help if you do it. Inspiring to get working! Huge Kindle Fan

An easy-to-read, well-researched, personal and honest commentary on how to overcome fears and rise to your true potential. Billings gives personal examples as well as other resources to highlight the importance of unconditional love, with well-known practical techniques such as meditation, breathing, and exercises. Inspiring! thedoc123

AG Billig speaks from her heart here in a personal voice filled with sincere energy to assist readers in their own empowerment. She has an honest, conversational tone to her writing and offers insightful commentary highlighted with her own experiences and learning opportunities. Continuing the ‘put it into action’ theme, AG offers a guided, exercise approach and includes references to other resources that readers can use for learning and self-exploration. In addition, beyond the book itself, she offers a Facebook community for ongoing communications, interactions, and encouragement – a nice personal touch for those looking for further connection beyond the already meaningful written contents. I look forward to future reads from this author in the coming years. LB



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